Senior Designer — Fold7Design
March 2023 — Present

Senior Designer — Fold7
August 2021 — Present

Designer — Fold7
Nov 2017 — July 2021

Designer — Havas London within HKX
Sep 2017 — Nov 2017

Junior Designer — Havas London
Sep 2015 — Sep 2017

Apprentice Designer — Havas London
Sep 2014 — Sep 2015
I truly believe in the importance of simple and effective design. I developed this passion when studying product design, learning how to turn original concepts into work that looks beautiful, but also serves a functional purpose.

My career began at the age of 16, when I joined the Havas London as an Apprentice Designer. I’ve since worked at leading design and advertising agencies in London for almost 10 years, creating design systems and identities for a wide range of clients, with work featured by Brand New, The Brand Identity and It's Nice That.

Although I enjoy working across and leading both digital and traditional projects, the disciplines I have the strongest passion for are branding – allowing me to view design from a wider perspective; to consider not only aesthetics, but how to create broader design systems for other people to use, setting out the rules for the future – and motion, because who doesn't love seeing ideas come to life.
I'm hugely entrepreneurial, and like many, have a copious amount of domain names for long awaited ventures. Watch this space.

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